Frequently asked questions

May we video our wedding dance lessons?

Yes. That way, you'll have the end of your lessons on video for study and practice between lessons. You can use the footage as a part of a video montage at your wedding. Bring it to the wedding and watch it as a review before you perform it. It is also a wonderful memento.

Can we just take one or two quick lessons?

Yes. Drive-Thru Dance™ packages are available, designed to meet your basic Wedding Dance needs when all you have is a week or a couple of days to prepare for your Wedding Dance. Even one lesson will make such a difference.

Do we need to bring our song(s)?

Text or email your song. We want to make sure we have the correct version of your song.

We cannot decide what song to bring. Can you help us?

Yes. A Perfect Wedding Dance can help you find a song or songs that you both like during your complimentary consultation or first lesson.

What should we bring?

The Groom, LOL! Really, we are Groom-friendly. It's all about relaxing and having some fun while learning. Please bring your song(s), shoes similar to what you will wear at the wedding (no flip flops or sneakers, unless you will be wearing those at your wedding). Bring your wedding shoes to dance in, midway through your dance package lessons. Prior to bringing them, be sure to scuff up the bottoms of the shoes for more traction. If you are worried keeping your wedding shoes pristine, we have solutions to discuss at the time of your dance lessons.

How often should we schedule lessons?

Attendance is dependent upon your availability. Typically once or twice a week. Try to schedule your lessons in advance to secure your ideal time slots.

When should we get started?

Ideally your lessons should end about 3 or 4 weeks before your wedding day. This allows for the unexpected and gives you enough time to take care of other wedding details that always occur last minute. However, it is not always achievable. A Perfect Wedding Dance prides itself in creating a memorable dance no matter your time challenges

Can we use props?

Yes. Examples of props that some of our brides and grooms have used in their Wedding Dance have included: champagne glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses, brandy snifters, flowers, feather boas, glass slippers, card tricks, light sabers, boxing gloves, garter (on the groom), fans, removal of the groom’s tux jacket, removal of the groom's tie, chairs, glitter, cane, sunglasses, streamers, top hat, tear away jackets, garter with flask, blinged microphones in the garter and tear away gowns. Can we add yours to the list?

A Perfect Wedding Dance provides a practice petty coat, veil,

and groom's jacket for a dress rehearsal without the dress!