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Wedding Dances

Down The Aisle

Grand Entrance

First Dance

Last Dance

Music mash ups

Anniversary Dance

Wedding Vow Renewal


Group Dances

Dance Fake-Outs

Group Dances

Party Starters

Wedding Party



​Wedding Flash Mob


Family Dances



Father/Daughter & Mother/Son (choreographed together)

Parent Dance

​Children Dance

Each Lesson Crafted For Your Success

A Perfect Wedding Dance® offers an intelligent teaching process that involves easy communication between the wedding couple and Instructor.  Our style of instruction incorporates unique teaching methods to expedite learning your wedding dance. Putting you perfectly in control and centered feeling free to be yourself during your lessons. Studio is designed for one couple at a time providing focused and comfortable dance lessons. 

Whatever life skills you have upon entering the studio at the time of your first lesson is where we begin your wedding dance journey. Our lessons are all about creating and teaching you a great First Dance, not making you a dancer. 

Did you know?  Your choreographed dance can never be danced wrong.

No one knows what is supposed to look like!

It's always A Perfect Wedding Dance!

Give your guests the gift of your Wedding Dance.  


  • Have a lesson at your venue before  your wedding day

  • A Perfect Wedding Dance® can produce your dance on your wedding day

  • Teaching people with disabilities, enhancing everyone’s abilities

  • Ally to the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Practice crinoline, veil and jacket provided

  • "Kim's Hack" Our ballroom step hack 

  • Gift Certificates available


Memories to Last a Lifetime

Your wedding dance is a special moment and is one of the most affordable wedding investments you can make! Learn something that you will be able to use at other social events and have for a lifetime. Dancing promotes patience, teamwork, trust, communication and cooperation: the ingredients of a great relationship. Your wedding dance lessons can be a fun, romantic, creative and stress-relieving activity during your wedding planning.


No previous experience is required. We pride ourselves in our supportive and enthusiastic approach to teaching couples of various dance levels, from beginners on up.

Need recommendations for photographers, videographers, wedding planners, DJ's and more? We know the best in the industry. Let us help!

c rash  Course

Even ONE lesson can show amazing results!  The Crash Course package is designed for visiting out-of-town couples, destination wedding couples, and local Las Vegas couples in need of a last minute, fast tracked lesson. Don't have a lot of time before "The Big Day" to learn a dance? 

In just 1 or 2 lessons, we can fast track and transform your wedding dance to WOW your guests, while still personalizing your dance. Bringing your confidence to your First Dance !

Crash Course

Private Lessons

We offer traditional dance steps as well as redesigned dance steps to fit the latest up to date music, size of dance floors and types of gowns! ​Couples often say that taking dance lessons with A Perfect Wedding Dance®  made their choreographed wedding dance one of the highlights of their wedding. Many are still receiving compliments years later.

  • Studio is designed for one couple at a time, providing focused and and in your safe zone lessons.

  • Includes custom choreography

  • Each dance designed specifically for each couples' personalities and wedding vision. 

  • You will benefit from our years of experience thereby learning a more confident, memorable and creative dance. In less time.

Private Lessons
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Group Dances

A Perfect Wedding Dance provides Custom Group Dance Classes for three or more people. Ideal for:

  • Honor Dances

  • Choreography for just bride and bridesmaids

  • Surprise dance for bride

  • Wedding Flash Mobs

  • Choreography for Just Groom and Groomsmen

  • Surprise dance for groom

  • ​Choreography for the Entire Wedding Party, including Down the Aisle and Grand Entrance.

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Group Dances
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