Each Lesson Crafted For Your Success!

At A Perfect Wedding Dance, we create a fun learning environment, providing professional dance instruction and choreography. Partnering with a professional Wedding Dance Choreographer will give you the advantage of learning easier and  faster! A Perfect Wedding Dance Studio offers Micro Wedding Dance Lessons, the studio is designed for one couple at a time.

Learn some entertaining dance moves, feel confident, and blow your guests away with a dance that's perfectly suited to your personalities, abilities, and beyond. Give your guests and yourselves the benefit of a dance choreographed around who you are. Welcoming all couples including LGBTQ and persons with disabilities!

A Perfect Wedding Dance offers lessons and choreography for all your wedding dance needs.  Below are some ideas...

  • Down The Aisle

  • Grand Entrance

  • Grand Entrance into First Dance

  • First Dance

  • Father/Daughter

  • Mother/Son

  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son (choreographed together)

  • Father/Daughter w/Groom (choreographed together)

  • Mother/Son w/Bride (choreographed together)

  • Parent Dance

  • Children Dance

  • Special Brides dance for the Groom

  • Family Dance

  • Group w/Wedding Party

  • Group w/Bridesmaids (can include Mothers & Bride)

  • Group w/Groomsmen (can include Fathers & Groom)

  • Party Starter

  • Dance Fake-Outs

  • Last Dance

  • Music Medleys

  • Use of Props

  • Wedding Flash Mobs

  • Music Editing

  • Special Grooms dance for the Bride


  • Have a lesson at your venue before “The Big Day”

  • APWD can be there to produce your wedding dance on "The Big Day”

  • APWD can teach your guests at your wedding

  • Gift Certificates

  • Gift Registry

Teaching People with Disabilities

A Perfect Wedding Dance specializes in teaching and choreographing for people with disabilities. We want you to feel comfortable dancing in ways you are capable. We use our creativity to create a dance embracing your abilities.  Watch our Bride-in-a-Wheelchair video to get an idea.