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Tiffany & Kelvin

"Kim was a recommendation by a friend of mine after I had been pondering and freaking out about what to do for my first dance. So when it came to be about 7 weeks before the wedding and still no idea about what to do for a first dance, my husband and I decided to reach out to Kim for some help. Boy, are we so glad we did! Kim is amazing and has such a fun personality! During our first consultation, we went through our ideas regarding song choices, and Kim gave some suggestions about what would be good choices for a wedding dance. My husband and I decided on 2 songs, and Kim was able to work with her audio guy to create our song mix. Kim even suggested adding in some sound effects in between songs in order to keep our guests engrossed and surprised at our dance. Let me just say, GENIUS! It totally worked! Trust me when I say that Kim knows wedding dances and wedding guests' reactions. My guests loved every single moment of our first dance! Throughout our lessons with Kim, Kim continuously offered her advice and catered to our strengths and weaknesses, and is very patient in working with us on the choreography. If there are moves that are difficult for us, Kim knows to modify. When there are times where we can't get the dance moves to match the song, Kim would help us break down the counts or lyrics. At the end of each lesson, Kim would record our newly learned choreography with our phones, so that we can review and practice at home. Kim is also very accommodating; whenever we needed to shuffle our lessons around to another date, Kim is very responsive. Of all the wedding-related tasks and stuff my husband and I did, we both agreed that learning the first dance with Kim is the most rewarding experience and one of the best investments in our wedding budget -- we always looked forward to the lessons because they were so much fun! If you want to impress your guests and to have a first dance that people will talk about after the wedding, Kim is the one to go to!"

Corinna & Shane

"I was very concerned about how our first dance was going to turn out....until we met Kim. My husband and I had very different levels of dance experience when we first got to her. I had formerly been a competitive figure skater but my husband could barely sway from side to side. I had never needed to follow a lead and my husband's lack of dance confidence made it difficult to be a strong lead for me to follow. Kim changed all of this for us. My husband now has confidence in being a dance lead. He learned how to hear the music and count the beats. He even learned how to do a couple dance lifts! I finally did learn how to not be the lead and to follow him on the dance floor. Our first dance turned out to be wonderful and I owe it all to Kim. Our guests were amazed with our dance. Many of them were talking about it for months afterwards as a highlight of the reception. We decided to do the 20 lesson package because of what we wanted in our final product. All our lessons were great fun. In fact, I can honestly say those lessons were the best part of wedding planning. It was a way to de-stress while simultaneously working towards something for the "big day". It was also something my husband and I have fond memories of prior to the wedding. We loved our lessons so much that we signed up for more just to learn different ballroom dances after the wedding. Kim is a great teacher and she has a great ability to break down a dance to anyone's skill level. It was definitely the best money we spent on our wedding day."

Ramona & David

"Thank you so much for creating one of our most memorable moments on our wedding day you had a short amount of time to work your magic and you exceeded our expectations. WE ROCKED IT!!! Thanks for the confidence and laughs we shared!"

Regan & Ryan

"We had soooo much fun working with Kim and our dance was a huge hit! We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor - she listened to our preferences, she taught us based on our skill level, she kept us accountable and laughed with us along the way. We loved every minute of it."

Kim & Scott

"Kim is awesome to work with. She had a HUGE job of getting my groom to feel comfortable with moving his body to our song. I had a pretty big problem—I wanted the Dirty Dancing finale for our first dance, but my groom 1) had zero dance background 2) hates to be the center of attention 3) thinks his high school prom was the single most excruciating moment of his life. And yes, Kim made a dancer out him. It was fabulous! Don’t believe? See for yourself.  Kim was able to tailor the choreography just for us. Our guests loved our performance. We loved it. It truly was a perfect wedding dance."

Ashleigh & Aaron

"Kim is such a wonderful person- there are no words! She's such a great person to get along with (and we felt that was very important) and she knows her stuff!! I was so amazed at the devotion she has for her passion. She taught my husband and I an amazing routine for our first dance. It blew all of our guests away- we went with more of a Fred & Ginger look and no one saw it coming. She really takes the time to listen to what you want, and she knows how to step it up a notch making it look flawless! As long as you're dedicated Kim will do wonders and make you look like you like a pro! We love Kim and are so grateful we met her just in time to get plenty of lessons in prior to the big day!"

Heather & Robert

"The groom was VERY hesitant. We had just a few weeks to make time for lessons and practicing. Neither one of us can dance. So happy we went to Kim. She was patient with us. Understanding of our schedule complications. Can't express how much fun it was. Even the groom loved it when all said and done. Now we have this special memory and our song means so much more to us. GO FOR IT!"

Photo: Nicole Goddard photography

Angie and Mark

"After getting engaged, our first dance was very important to us and one of our main priorities! My (now) husband and I went to A Perfect Wedding Dance because after attending a friends wedding, we were so impressed with their dance moves. Upon meeting Kim, we were immediately sold. To be clear, I have never learned a choreographed dance or took dance lessons in my entire life, but my husband and I were both eager students. We brought a custom song mix and Kim did the rest. Kim is the perfect teacher. She customized her teaching to our learning speed but still pushed us to ensure our dance vision was brought to life. We ultimately took 15 classes as we were committed to wowing our family and friends. Our dance included flips, twists, turns, and multiple different styles that changed with the music. The dance was easily one of the most complimented parts of the wedding. We cannot say enough great things about Kim. She has awoken a love for dancing as a couple and we are still taking classes now, even though our big day has passed. Her attention to detail is amazing even down to providing guidance on where the photographers should be to get the best picture as well as which way we are facing throughout the dance based on how the audience is seated. Thank you Kim, for everything, you truly gave us a perfect wedding dance."

Patricia & Neil

"Kim was awesome! My husband and were on different sides of the United States so we only had 2 days before the wedding to make an awesome first dance. In two and half sessions Kim had us looking like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Our performance at our wedding was awesome, and we have people in disbelief that we only had 2 days. It was all because of Kim! She also made herself very available knowing our deadline and was overall accommodating. If you want an awesome first dance, call her!"

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Sabina & Timothy

"My husband and I got married in March and we put off getting ready for our first dance until at the last minute we realized we had no idea what we were going to do!  We live in SoCal but were going to be in Las Vegas the week leading up to our wedding for any last minute planning and after reading reviews for A Perfect Wedding Dance we decided to give Kim a call.


She responded very quickly and was super flexible, which we needed since we were running around attending to all the last minute details.  She knew our venue and choreographed a beautiful dance that was simple enough for our skill level (completely unskilled!) yet still looked amazing!  She taught us important basics to make us look more polished and she even used my phone to record us practicing so we could watch it later!  All this in only two 90 minute lessons!  Our wedding guests were blown away by our dance and couldn't believe we just learned it two days earlier!


I would definitely recommend A Perfect Wedding Dance to anyone needing dance lessons for any event regardless of their skill level.  Kim really knows her stuff.  She even suggested getting the smoke machine for our dance that I didn't even know the venue had available!"

Deidre & Mark

"Working with Kim of A Perfect Wedding Dance for our May 14, 2011 wedding was an amazing experience. Like every couple who chooses to hire a dance instructor for their first dance, we really wanted to impress our guests with a graceful expression of our wedding celebration. Unfortunately, because my husband and I are not “spring chickens” and I have limited range of motion in my back and hips, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do anything special. But, Kim and her expertise choreographed a beautiful dance that was not only easy for me, but also made us look like true dancers! Kim was patient as we stumbled on each other’s feet during our first practices; then as we began to get it, she inspired us to do our very best. On wedding day, we were flawless, and our guests loved every second of our first dance! So, we give Kim of A Perfect Wedding Dance our highest recommendation. Thank you, Kim!"