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Getting Married? 

 12 Lessons 

Is the old “High School Sway” in your wedding dance future? Do you dread being stuck on the dance floor for three looooooooong minutes?

You Got This!

Partnering with A Perfect Wedding Dance® will lead the way!

 Hello, I'm Kim Sakren, owner and wedding dance Choreographer of A Perfect Wedding Dance® My expertise is in teaching couples with little to no dance experience, to their song. Teaching and choreographing an unforgettable and confident Wedding Dance has been my passion for over 2 decades. Known for my warm, encouraging, fun and “get down to business” teaching style. Delivering amazing results with each lesson crafted to ensure your success! 


Wedding Dances

Down The Aisle

Grand Entrance

First Dance

Last Dance

Music mash ups

Anniversary Dance

Wedding Vow Renewal

 Group Dances

Dance Fake-Outs

Group Dances

Party Starters

Wedding Party



​Wedding Flash Mob

Family Dances



Father/Daughter & Mother/Son (choreographed together)

Parent Dance

​Children Dance


   Kim's Ballroom Step "HACK"


I have found through the years that many of the songs my wedding couples have used for their wedding dances along with short timelines, wedding gowns and small dance floors.  All of these items all together does not compliment traditional ballroom dances and step patterns. So I Hacked a ballroom step pattern and tempo and now this "Hack" suits many songs, short timelines, gowns  and small dance floors. Creating easy innovative steps rhythms and patterns. ​​Couples often say that learning a choreographed dance with Kim of  A Perfect Wedding Dance® made their wedding dance the spotlight of their wedding. Many couples  are still receiving compliments years later.

Ballroom: Waltz, Foxtrot. Tango, Slow Dance

Latin: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Rumba, Cha Cha

Swing: East and West Coast, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop

Country: Two-Step, Country Waltz, Country Cha Cha, Niteclub 2-Step

Popular & Trending Dance Moves

Iconic Dance Moves Through the Decades

Hip Hop, Broadway, Jazz, Tap

A Great Romance Deserves A Great Romance

Kim with A Perfect Wedding Dance® is one of the first to pioneer the popularity of The Wedding Dance, since 1996. Perfecting her style of teaching and choreography for well over 2 decades. She has also inspired the trend of the non-traditional Wedding Dances. Non-traditional wedding dances can include lighting effects, props, non-traditional dance moves and special effects. 

Your wedding dance is a special moment and is one of the most affordable wedding investments you can make! Learn something that you will be able to use at other social events and have for a lifetime. Partner dancing promotes patience, teamwork, trust and cooperation: the ingredients of a great relationship. Your wedding dance lessons and can be a fun, romantic, creative and stress-relieving activity leading up to your wedding.

No previous experience is required. I pride myself in my supportive and enthusiastic approach to teaching couples of various dance levels, from beginners on up. At A Perfect Wedding Dance® Kim creates a fun learning  experience.  Partnering with Kim, a professional Wedding Dance Choreographer will give you the advantage of learning  your dance faster and with ease. 

Learn some entertaining dance moves, feel confident, and blow your guests away with a dance that's perfectly suited to your personalities, abilities, and beyond. Give your guests and yourselves the gift of your perfect wedding dance. 




Is Dancing...

Out of your comfort zone? 

Not in your wheel house? 

My Specialty!


​Memorable Wedding Dance moments created custom for you and your guests.

​With Kim's warm teaching style you will feel encouraged to bring out your best. Your lessons will be easy, comfortable and fun!  

With my professional instruction you will dance together synchronized. 


Your Dance...

can be classic, subtle, elegant, intimate or you can choose traditional, fun, humorous, epic,

nostalgic, rock n roll, or over the top. 

Whichever style you prefer, I will embrace your expectations and deliver  amazing results!  

It's all about you.  I am passionate about what I create for you.



For... Visiting & Destination Las Vegas Wedding Couples

In a rush?  

Looking for a crash course? 

From out of town?

Even  one or two lessons surprisingly will transform your First Dance. 

Offering 45, 60, 90 or 120 minute single lessons to fast track your Wedding Dance. At

A Perfect Wedding Dance we want to exceed your expectations.  



"Kim was awesome. We walked in and wanted a swing dance and we sure got one! She's an excellent teacher and was patient as we learned our steps. We felt we walked away with a unique dance that superseded the typical slow dance that is typical for weddings. We kept it as a surprise and our guests were so surprised. If you're interested in doing something different for your wedding check Kim out."


 The Wedding Song Collection

From the Vault of

A Perfect Wedding Dance®  

Teaching and choreographing for Wedding Couples and Wedding Families for well over two decades.  I have taught and accumulated tons of songs in every genre you can imagine. I hope these songs serve as an inspiration while looking for your special song or songs.  Some of these songs have been used in music mash-ups.   

Check back Song List coming soon

   Mother / Son Dance
Father / Daughter Dance