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You don't need to be 

5 Lessons

Experience how easy and intuitive dancing with the love of your life can be!

Wait - are you still cringing just thinking about your wedding dance?

Your wedding dance can never be danced wrong.

Nobody knows what is supposed to look like.  It's always A Perfect Wedding Dance!

Lesson Highlights

  • All lessons include coaching videos of each lesson to take home for practice.  Extending the value of your lessons.

  • You will benefit from our years of experience, guiding you to learn a confident and impressive dance. In less time! 

  • A Perfect Wedding Dance® studio is designed for one couple at a time providing focused dance lessons. Feeling free to be yourself!

  • Every dance is custom designed for each couples' personalities, skill sets and wedding vision. 

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1st Step

All of your lessons are designed for your success. You will be surprised just how easy it is.

We know weddings and we know dance.  Marrying these two worlds together for 25 + years. 

Your first step - schedule a complimentary consultation, virtual or in person.  Let's meet!


"Kim was awesome. We walked in and wanted a swing dance and we sure got one! She's an excellent teacher and was patient as we learned our steps. We felt we walked away with a unique dance that superseded the typical slow dance that is typical for weddings. We kept it as a surprise and our guests were so surprised. If you're interested in doing something different for your wedding check Kim out."


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